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Posted by Gerhard Egger on Sunday, December 27, 2009


Jannuary  2010
We have finally done it! Gerhard Egger  Photographer now has its own website - it is not yet finished (probably never will be) but it is a start.  Have a look and please post your comments.  Looking forward to hearing from you

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Well done Gerhard. Wonderful to hear from you 
Posted by D. Catterall, Auckland NZ

As always your web site is wonderful.. You never do things by halves.  Keep up the good work.
Posted by J Waghorn, Australia

Sind begeistert, wie toll ihr das gemacht habt.
Posted by P.Winterer,Austria

It’s good, very good! I like it. Impressive preview of your work there.Pedants like myself might take issue with the grammatical freedom of “lastingimages” but hey.The images themselvesspeak volumes, great artwork.
Posted By E.Oberhummer, Dubai

You have done a great job, professional-looking and easy to navigate.
Posted By S Cronkite, B.C Canada

I are impressed with your site - very professional. Love the photos and after reading the text we found a few things that could be improved (in my humble opinion)
Posted by M. Bowen,Hamilton N.Z

Message: Hey Gerhard - what a cool website and waht cool immages, I never take another photo again- - WOW WOW WOW.! This is very up with the best.
Posted E. Wrede Shanghai,China

Hey Gerhard, looks great!  I like the black background, it looks very stylish.  At times the photos transitioned quite slowly .
Posted N. Van Geest, London England

Greetings Gerhard
well as you know I know a little about photography and this inspires me .
Well done

Posted Hermann Geister

Great site and wonderful pictures!  The pages took a little while to upload but that could be the dinosaur of a computer that I use.
Posted S. Ang  Vancouver Canada. 

Gratuliere , absolut tolle Website , viel Erfolg !

Posted H. Sorger
Trofaiach Austria

Finally we could get a good look at your work. Site looks fantastic, images are brilliant.

Posted A.Hewlett
New Plymouth NZ



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